ecological histories

  • Year2012
  • LocationMonumental Area of Eptapyrgio, Thessaloniki
  • CategoryPublic landscape
  • Surface49.495m²
  • Prize: 1st honorable mention
  • Extra prizes: 4th place (Selected) for the III PRIZE SIMONETTA BASTELLI - (Professional Category) – International Prize
  • Competition: Landscaping the Surrounding Space of the Monumental Area of Eptapyrgio, Thessaloniki
  • Client: Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change
  • Firm: topio7 + Helena Kouri
  • Authors: DESIGN TEAM: Architecture: Panita Karamanea - Helena Kouri - Thanasis Polyzoidis Landscape Architecture – Plantation Study: Panita Karamanea – Thanasis Polyzoidis
  • Collaborators: Electrical engineering: Vasilios Kolovos Architectural Lighting Design: Eric David Photomontages: Xenia Papatriantafyllou

The site of Eptapirgio has a special identity and atmosphere, abundant natural beauty and astonishing views. The site itself and its genius loci – forms the inspiration for the project .The monument, the landscape and the memory are strongly attached to this place. The intervention has a strong ecological – bioclimatic aspect and uses only a few elements to organize the place.

The concept derives from the defensive character of the walls. It is seen as a new layer of filtering from the urban tissue to the internal enclosed historical landscape that is the protagonist. The basic compositional tools of the project are:

(i) the movements, the flows and the rest areas in relationship with the existing topography, the castle walls, the views and the urban fabric,

(ii) plantation as a structural element and

(iii) the various local identities within the site.

One of the major compositional gestures is the formation of a network of paths made by either stabilized or natural soil. The network as a tool for space narrative leads to an experiential relationship with the landscape and the monument. The paths follow the topography permitting all categories of users to wander. They are connected with rest areas on key viewpoints towards the walls, the urban tissue, the mountain as well as the sea.