Retrospective VI Landscape Architecture Exhibition, Novi Sad Vojvodina, Serbia

20.10.2015 – 30.10.2015

Gallery “Macut” SPEN, Novi Sad

02.11.2015 – 10.11.2015

The Faculty of Agriculture, Novi Sad

Organized by: The Association of Landscape Architects of Serbia, Novi Sad City Parks and Conservation Movement of Novi Sad. Co-financier of the Salon: Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.

Participation with the projects:

Time tissue

Shortlisted entry in the Architectural Competition for the Redesign of Eleytherias Square in Thessaloniki

Authors: Katerina Andritsou – Panita Karamanea – Thanasis Polyzoidis

The project has been chosen for an Award in the Category of non implemented Landscape Architectural projects at the 6th Landscape Architecture Exhibition

liquid steps”  

Preliminary design for the redesign of the entrance square and of the streamside landscape of

Amades village in Chios island, Greece

Authors: Katerina Andritsou – Thanasis Polyzoidis